Financially Fit

Offered at Grace Church - Tuesday evenings

February 2019

1. Financial Fitness  - self evaluation (Tues. Feb. 5)  In our first session, we'll talk about a framework you can use to evaluate your current financial condition and define future goals. Watch this session:


2. Healthy House - build a strong foundation (Tues. Feb. 12) we'll cover the 4 pieces of a solid financial foundation that will allow you to focus on what matters most... faith and family. Watch this session:


3.  Balanced Investments - grow and live generously (Tues. Feb. 19) we'll cover investing basics that people use to achieve long term goals in a thoughtful and deliberate manor. Watch this session:


4. Systems for Sustaining Financially Healthy Families (Tues. Feb. 26) This session is devoted to building systems and structures that keep you on track. Watch this session:

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